Names Called for Interview Kilimanjaro at IRINGA Municipal Council on 18th - 19th November, 2020


THE UNITED REPUBLIC OF TANZANIA, President's Office, Regional Administration and Local Government

Names Called for Interview Kilimanjaro at IRINGA Municipal Council on 18th - 19th November, 2020
Iringa is one of Tanzania's 31 administrative regions. The regional capital is Iringa. The region's population is 941,238. It is primarily agricultural and boasts the second-highest per-capita GDP in the country.
Iringa Region is home to Ruaha National Park, Tanzania's second largest park, which has an abundance of wildlife.
The Regional Commissioner of the Iringa Region is Ally Hapi.

Iringa region has a total area of 35,743 square kilometres (13,800 sq mi). It is surrounded by Singida and Dodoma in the north, Morogoro to its east, Mbeya to its west and Njombe towards the south.
The region is drained by the Little Ruaha and the Great Ruaha rivers. The lake created by the Mtera Dam is the other significant water body here.
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The region can be divided into three zones - highland, midland and lowland. The highland zone is towards the east of the region. This area experiences a rainy season between November and May with annual precipitation ranging from 500–1,500 mm (20–59 in). The period between June and September is cold and dry. The midland zone, in the central part of the region, lies at a height of 1,200–1,600 m (3,900–5,200 ft) above sea level and faces between 600–1,000 mm (24–39 in) of rain every year.

Finally, the lowland zone, at a height of 900–1,200 m (3,000–3,900 ft) gets between 500–600 mm (20–24 in) of rain per annum.
About 16% of the land in Iringa region is forested. The region is host to the Ruaha National Park, famous for its large herd of elephants and over 400 species of birds. Other animals include lions, sable antelopes and kudu.A second park, Udzungwa Mountains National Park in Iringa Rural District, is less visited.
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Names Called for Interview at IRINGA Municipal Council, 2020
Today we announce names called for interview at IRINGA Municipal Council. Read carefully all names called for interview by downloading PDF File attached..
CLICK LINK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD PDF FILE WITH FULL LIST AND ADDITIONAL DETAILS.....Follow link below to download PDF file which contain all names and additional information....
Released Today 06th November, 2020.

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