The Ministry of Education Cancelled Certificate Curriculum for Primary Teaching

The Ministry of Education (MOE)
MOE Cancelled Certificate Curriculum For Primary Teaching

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has abolished the certificate-level teaching curriculum for pre-primary and primary education as a step towards improving education in the country.
This step goes hand in hand with working on the views of the stakeholders who have been providing them including the cancellation of the curriculum.

The improved curriculum provides opportunity for the teacher in the second year of study choosing an area of ​​expertise he or she will specialize in contrast to the old system that was not in that context.
This new curriculum will be implemented in the 2020/21 academic year and that any teacher with a teaching certificate will be eligible to study for a Diplomabpre-primary or primary education as well as when he graduates and passes he will have Qualifications to join the University to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-School Teaching or basic.
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The program to be taught will be for three years and that course will be taught in two languages ​​which are English and Kiswahili due to its existence for English medium schools in the country.
Teachers who have studied Astashada (CERTIFICATE) The Government is still recognizing the Certificate Qualification teaching cadre and exists in the service system and will continue to exist and none a teacher who will be fired for being a certificate level teacher.

For on-the-job teachers who want to develop themselves they can study at a distance through the Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE) through distance, a method that will not be affected performance and finally do the exams to get a Diploma.
For teachers who have certificates and if they have not been able to get a job opportunity, they will have to go back to college and be able to get one Diploma in teaching.
MOE Cancelled Certificate Curriculum For Primary Teaching
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Released Today: 05th October, 2020.

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