Jobs Standard Bank Group – Business Manager to Chief Executive


 Job Purpose

provide assistance to the Chief Executive both in the day-to-day
management of the workload as

-well as in any strategic and business
matters, by providing guidance and sound advice on any matters
pertinent, prioritising and managing issues that have escalated to the
Chief Executive Office and keep abreast of any relevant developments or
issues that impact the bank.

This role acts as a sounding board to
the Chief Executive sharing the overflow of work and acting as a
consultant on all matters required. Following up on agreed actions and
initiatives for execution.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

 The roles and responsibilities of the incumbent will be as follows:

Agenda Management

  • Manage
    the Chief Executive’s agenda, prioritizing pressing matters that
    require his direct attention and addressing any challenges or issues
    that can be resolved without further escalation. • To act as a
    gatekeeper to the CE, releasing his time to key and critical matters and
    relevant stakeholder engagements.

Executive Support

  • Provide
    support in the preparation of key events and forums attended by the
    Chief Executive, by preparing all the key points that are to be
    addressed and compiling the required reports, ensuring alignment with
    key strategic imperatives and driving the right agenda in each event or

Advice and Guidance

  • Act
    as a sound advisor and consultant to the Chief Executive , through the
    sound understanding of the organization’s context and strategy,
    unpacking key challenges and/or opportunities, options and choices and
    potential implications (both positive and negative). • To assist the
    Chief Executive to make informed decisions.

Cycle Management

  • Manage
    the reporting cycles for the Chief Executive, including the monthly
    EXCO reports, quarterly Board packs and annual reports. • To compile
    sections that are allocated to the Chief Executive, ensuring adherence
    to reporting requirements, quality and bearing of the information
    presented and sharpness of the communication channeled by the Chief

Executive Collaboration

  • Work
    closely with the transformation, compliance, governance and branding
    executives to ensure alignment with the Chief Executive’s agenda and
    strategic imperatives.

Project Management

  • Manage
    and drive key projects and initiatives critical to the Chief Executive,
    ensuring these are executed as per plan and create the expected impact.
    These projects and initiatives foster and promote the Chief Executive,
    and the organization’s reputation and image and might require the
    collaboration across functions, therefore this role needs to influence
    and drive the agenda with key stakeholders.

Research and Insights

  • Conduct
    research in a multitude of subjects, at a macro and micro level, in
    order to ensure that the Chief Executive has all the required
    information in hand for stakeholder engagements, communications, events,
    interviews, etc. • To provide insights that enable the Chief Executive
    to gain a good understanding of any matter and can engage with any
    stakeholder with confiedence.

Customer Complaints

  • Provide
    a swift and efficient response to customer’s complaints that have been
    escalated to the Chief Executive, ensuring efficient resolution and
    promoting cusotmer service excellence and driving the client centricity

Networking and Collaboration

  • Manage
    a strong network of people that are key for the Chief Executive and the
    organization, through the sound understanding of the organization and
    external context where the organization operates, in order ro ensure
    that for any new initiative, challenge or opportunity, the right people
    are identified and connected.

Committees, Forums and Work Groups

  • Participate
    in key meetings related to strategic initiatives, in order to keep
    updated on any relevant developments or risk. • To provide continuous
    feedback to the Chief Executive, highlighting any areas that require his
    direct intervention.

Ad hoc Support

  • Support
    the Chief Executive in any relevant matters, in order to drive the
    function’s agenda and achieve strategic objectives for the organization.

Preferred Qualification and Experience

  • Minimum
    qualification: A graduate or postgraduate qualification in Business
    Commerce, Economics , Finance, Law, Political Science and/or other
    related disciplines.
  • Business Management: The incumbent must
    have more than 10 years experience (preferably with banking experience).
    The role requires a seasoned, holistic professional with considerable
    business acumen and understanding of the organization and industry,
    gained from a track record of 10+ years in advisory roles, who is
    capable of providing insights and guidance to the executives.

Knowledge Centre: The
role requires an experienced professional with a sound understanding of
local, regional and international economic forces gained through
research and insights gained in key strategic roles

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

Journalistic Writing and Editing: must have the ability to write high quality material that is accurate, comprehensible and grammatically correct.

Financial Acumen:
must have knowledge and understanding of costing, budgeting and finance
cincepts and the understanding and application of related processes and
procedures, with minimla supervision, able to provide technical
guidance when required

Interpreting Data: Able to interpret
data accurately with an emphasis on the processing and interpretation
of numbers, including the utilisation of technology.

Providing Insights: Ability to provide insights with regards to aspects that are likely yo have an impact on the organization

Presentation skills: Ability to prepare presentations on powerpoint.

Communication skills: Produce
communications and speeches for the Chief Executive, ensuring relevance
and quality. It is required that any communication or speech is ready
for immediate use by the Chief Executive.


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