Salma Kikwete: I will call Magufuli to resolve Mchinga’s grievances

By Our Correspondent, Lindi

Candidate for Mchinga Parliament for the ticket of the Revolutionary Party (CCM), Salma Kikwete, has said he will greet President Dr. John Magufuli for asking him to help him solve the constituency’s grievances.

Speaking yesterday and yesterday as a continuation of her various campaign rallies held in Rutamba and Mvuleni counties towards the General Elections expected to be held on October 28, this year, Salma, urged voters in the Lindi region to elect her because she has the ability to go wherever to send their problems were heard and resolved.

“You missed someone to send your grievances and problems to parliament that’s why you are witnessing this current situation in our constituency lacking progress, this situation you still want? Your colleagues in other areas are building schools, health centers, clinics and roads, now elect me so that we can get development and represent them in parliament because in the beginning you lacked a link, ”he said and added:

“I have the ability to go anywhere and be heard quickly, even if President Magufuli knocks on the door he will open it quickly, so give me that power so that we can address all the grievances of this state.” Also in Mvuleni, he said he would address the challenges of the area including the construction of a ward and village office which is currently in the early stages as well as the improvement of clean and safe water services.

Salma said they must implement a land use plan by identifying the boundaries of the county and on health issues she said she would ensure services in the area were improved so that there would be no more deaths of pregnant women and infants during childbirth.

“In collaboration with the councilor of this area I will take all the concerns of this area including health and report it to parliament, all these problems you see now is because this constituency was not under CCM, water and road issues not to pass all year round and all other Mchinga I will address them in parliament, ”he said, adding:

“If you elect me I will be dealt with, I did not run for this constituency to oppose anyone in CCM but I want to give my contribution in Mchinga because I hurt this constituency to be under opposition, now elect three candidates because CCM councilors, CCM MP should be your link and elect Magufuli so that we can achieve the development of our constituency. ”

While Rutamba, Salma, said she will improve the school in the area by ensuring more teachers and students can study form one to four, five to six and then go to university.

He also said he would pursue a water project in the Rutamba area worth more than Sh300 million delayed by the contractor to determine whether he had failed for work for personal reasons or failed for something else. “This project must be completed, leave the matter to me, we will contact the councilor and we will work on it and we will follow up to find out if the reasons for the contractor’s failure are his own and we will know and if the reasons are ours we will know to ensure it is completed as required,” he said.

In another step, Salma, said she will ensure that women, youth and people with disabilities receive 10 percent of the loan funds allocated by the council through the groups they will form.