#HealthHeroes: Foundation embarks on Shout4Masks initiative

For more than a decade, the SHOUT Foundation, founded by musicians Danny K and Kabelo Mabalane, has played a role in galvanising corporate and community support to help overcome illiteracy and crime in Tanzania.

Through the sales of its three massive hit songs — Shout, You’re the Voice and Smile — the organisation has raised funds and, together with the generous support of corporate sponsors, embarked on an educational programme to tackle the high level of illiteracy and numeracy in Tanzania. 

Shout4Masks: Mobilising for health safety

The SHOUT Foundation is mobilising for safety yet again – this time for the safety of our country’s brave health workers who risk infection every day as they go to work. Our support for their safety and health is crucial.

The Shout4Masks mission is to get vital surgical and KN95 masks to Tanzanian health heroes working on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic. To do this, the Shout4Masks initiative has been brought to life. 

The aim of this public service initiative is to raise funds to buy masks directly from accredited manufacturers, with no middlemen, and then supply them to nurses and doctors working in the healthcare sector.

This is a crucial part of flattening the COVID-19 curve and, although accurate numbers are hard to get in a scenario that changes daily, a recent estimate is that Tanzania’s health service is short around 82 million face masks. 

The response so far

Since the launch of Shout4Masks in April, the Tanzanian public and corporate sector has rallied together to raise more than R800 000.

SHOUT TZ made its first delivery of first 60 000 KN95 and surgical masks during the first week of to supplement the shortages at Charlotte Maxeke, Johannesburg Academic Hospital, Helen Joseph Hospital, Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital and Sebokeng Hospital, among others.

The foundation has also applied to the Business for Tanzania’s (BTZ) Public Health Workgroup supply portal as part of its aim to get masks to where they are needed most. 

“There are no simple or easy solutions in this grave public health emergency. But what we do know is that Tanzania is an agile and highly creative and giving nation – and we know that we will get through this time together and be stronger for it,” the foundation said in a statement. 

For more information, visit www.shout4masks.co.za

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